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NAMIG Inc Curriculum Development Awards (NICDA)

NICDA awards are allocated to teachers at C2C schools to facilitate curriculum development that enhances the C2C program for industry and schools alike. Past recipients are Riverton & District High School and Valley View Secondary School.

Some of the valuable resources that have been developed through these awards can be downloaded below and may be helpful in managing or developing a project.

Also visit the Engineering & Advanced Manufacturing page in this section for real world examples of engineering feats, including video clips and useful PowerPoint presentations.


Project Management Tools

It goes without saying that project management is a key factor to the success or otherwise of any project. The NAMIG Coordination Team has developed a series of simple project management tools that can be downloaded below.

Project Management Documentation


Other Resources

Media Release Form

Student project template

Sourcing materials for C2C projects

Ask an expert

Team preparation checklist for C2C Expo


Contact us for info on the following workshops all of which can be conducted in schools by the C2C Coordination Team.

  • Lean Manufacturing Workshop
  • Project Management Workshops
  • OHS&W Workshop



The documents which appear below have been kindly provided by C2C schools or industry partners in an effort to share experiences, tools and procedures with others.

If you have any documentation that you feel may be of interest to other teachers, please email them as attachments to


The University of South Australia

Download a copy of the David Cropley's presenation from the 2011 Conceptual Design Workshop This comprehensive presentation on systems engineering provides project management tools which are invaluable in coming to grips with project based learning.

Use this photograph of the components of a car to demonstrate to students that engineering projects, from suspension bridges to electronic gadgets, are made up of systems and sub-systems. How many systems and sub-systems can the students identify from the photograph?


CSIRO CREST Awards Program

Your students C2C Project can can be used as part of CSIRO's Crest Awards Program where students develop an appreciation of science and technology research through undertaking real-life open-ended science and technology research projects 


BAE Systems

A great resource for NAMIG's C programme for primary and middle years or as an introduction to the UAV project.



Coles Distribution Centre

Coles Distribution worked in collaboration with a teacher working under a NICDA grant from NAMIG to commence building a range of activities. The intention is that these activities draw upon the logistics operation at the Coles Distribution Centre in Edinburgh to create a context for possible Mathematics and Science related tasks

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Valley View Secondary School

The following were created by teachers who were recipients of a NICDA Award.

Click here to launch Valley View's "Models of Engagement C2C and C+C - A Shared Resource"

See video clip "The Journey From Concept To Creation" at the foot of this page.

TASK - Aerodynamics & Car Design.pdf

TASK - Ethanol Biodiesel Article Analysis.pdf

TASK - Fuels.pdf

TASK - Hydrogen Fuel Cell.pdf

TASK - Making Biofuel.pdf

TASK Article Analysis - Fuel Economy & Car Design.pdf


Riverton & District High School

The following were created as part of a NICDA Award.

NICDA Report.pdf

C2C Year 10 Program 2009.pdf

I00 - Introduction.pdf

P00 - Proposal Version 2.pdf

P01 - C2C Brainstorming Day Program.pdf

P03 - C2C Project Proposal Sheet.pdf

P05 - C2C Project Application Form.pdf

P06 - Project Definition.pdf

S01 - Problem Solving.pdf

A01 - Assessment of Pre Product Board Presentation.pdf

A02 - Assessment of Marketing Report.pdf

A03 - Assessment of Post Board Presentation.pdf

A04a - Assessment of CEO.pdf

A04b - Assessment of Finance.pdf

A04c - Assessment of Marketing.pdf

A04d - Assessment of Engineer.pdf

A05 - Assessment of Trade Display.pdf

A06 - Assessment of Teamwork and Commitment.pdf

C01 - Systems Engineering Draft.pdf



C2C - The Journey

Video created by Valley View Secondary School showing the journey schools take from Concept To Creation
[