Protecting Your Ideas - Intellectual Property (IP)

IP Australia

IP Australia is the Australian Government agency responsible for administering patents, trade marks, designs and Plant Breeder's Rights. By granting these rights, and contributing to the improvement of Australian and international IP systems, IP Australia is supporting Australia's economic development.

Intellectual property (IP) represents the property of your mind or intellect. It can be an invention, trade mark, original design or the practical application of a good idea. In business terms, this means your proprietary knowledge - a key component of success in business today. It is often the edge which sets successful companies apart and as world markets become increasingly competitive, protecting your intellectual property becomes essential.

By encouraging increased innovation, investment and trade through the effective use of IP, IP Australia is making it possible for Australian businesses to establish and maintain globally competitive positions.
As well as providing direct services to users, IP Australia has formed many strategic relationships to help Australians benefit from their IP.

IP Australia's customers now recognise that IP protection is integral to business planning, marketing strategy planning and product and/or service development. IP Australia also manages programs to educate and promote awareness of IP, provides IP policy advice to Government, develops legislation to support the IP system, regulates the IP profession and contributes to international negotiations to improve the IP system.