C2C+ Challenges

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SA Power Networks Drone Project

The Drone Project was once again hosted by SA Power Networks in 2016.

Ten schools participated in the 2016 Challenge, which required students to design and build an unmanned craft and develop a detection and tracking system that could remotely identify faulty power cables and insulators in SA Power Networks power distribution network.

The winning team in the 2016 Drone Challenge was Blackfriars Priory School.



Wetlands Environmental Management Challenge (WEM)

(Formerly known as the SWAT Challenge).

In 2016 eight C2C schools participated in the BAE Systems sponsored WEM Challenge, designing, manufacturing and testing a vehicle that can obtain multiple water samples from a wetlands environment.

Teams are assessed on:

  • Vehicle construction
  • Vehicle performance
  • Project development
  • Environmental impact consideration
  • Project management
  • Testing of water samples.

Craigmore High School Regional VET Program was the winner of the 2016. Challenge. Which school will win the trophy in 2017?



Vehicle Efficiency Challenge

The Challenge comprises a simple build and race competition using a supplied chassis component pack and body that needs only limited modification. Focus is on the process required to assemble the race car in the most efficient manner.

Student teams are required to produce a technical report detailing the design cycle and provide an oral report on the day of competition.

Craigmore High School was the winner of the Challenge in 2016 (for the second year running).

The Vehicle Efficiency Challenge builds on the skills learned in the Junior and Senior Vehicle Challenges which form part of the "C" program.